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Account Guardian™ - Store your Favorites, Logins, and Passwords securely.
Finally! A secure Password Manager that also keeps your Favorites and Bookmarks private! You can login to all your websites securely, with only one click!
Regain -- and maintain -- control of your PRIVATE Bookmarks and passwords today with Account Guardian™ -- from TrustSoft, the creators of the multi-award winning HistoryKill®!
Download Account Guardian™ now and TRY IT FREE for 14 DAYS! There is NO COST OR OBLIGATION to try Account Guardian™!
Your usernames and passwords are extremely vulnerable and we'll prove it to you at no cost to you (except your peace of mind!)
It's quick and it's FREE...


Features & Benefits

Product Specifications

Features of the fully licensed version:

Here is a quick snapshot of what you get when you trust Account Guardian™ to keep your online life safe and free from worry:

» AES Encryption: The standard encryption technique of the US government.
» Account Guardian™ protects against Phishing Attacks: If you use Account Guardian™ for all of your account logins, you will never get tricked into logging into bogus Phishing websites that will steal your identity.
» Hide Favorites and Bookmarks from other's prying eyes!
» Integrates into Internet Explorer toolbar
» Ease of setup: Our Setup Wizard walks you through every step of setting up Account Guardian™. It's virtually seamless in its operation. You'll be up and running with within 3 minutes.
» Ease of use: Once you've set up your login information for each site, Account Guardian™ takes over for you and automatically sends your login information to the website…quite literally in a fraction of a second.
» Safety and protection: Your login information is stored on your computer…not on the website's servers. The login information is sent to the remote site as a block of data, not individual keystrokes. You've foiled Internet gangsters using key-loggers from capturing your login information.
» Family Internet safety: Every member of your household can store their login information safely and securely…secure from online identity thieves and from each other. (As administrator, you're the only one who'll have access to that information!)
» FREE unlimited technical support: Account Guardian™ is so simple to install and use that we doubt you'll ever need support…but if you do, we're there for you…without charge!

Account Guardian™
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