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Privacy Panic!™ Instant privacy for your Instant Messaging windows!
With Privacy Panic you can hide all your Instant Messaging (IM) windows instantly with the press of a single "Hot-Key." When you want to bring your IM windows back on the screen, you simply press the "Hot-Key" again and all your IM windows are instantly back!
Download Privacy Panic!™ now and TRY IT FREE for 15 DAYS! There is NO COST OR OBLIGATION to try Privacy Panic!™!


Features & Benefits

Product Specifications

Features of the fully licensed version:

» Hide all visible traces of the following with the press of a Hot-Key:
  • instant messaging (IM) and chatting
  • web surfing
  • online video playing
  • online gambling
  • web-based email
» "Panic URL" to further mask your true online activities...
  • Privacy Panic will launch this address to make it seem like you are working on something productive
» Easy Recovery...
  • once the preying eyes leave, with the press of a Hot-Key you can access everything exactly how you left it!
» Simple Interface...
  • all you need to learn is the Hot-Key, it will be the easiest software you ever used!
» Frequent Updates...
  • Privacy Panic frequent updates will allow continued support the latest instant messengers, web browsers, media players, online gambling software and more!

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