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Today is Friday, September 29, 2023. Your local time is 07:02am.

Did you know? A PC infected with spyware allows the authors of these programs to obtain highly sensitive personal information. Scan your PC FREE right now to see if you're at risk -- and then never connect to the Internet again without protection!

HistoryKill® is simply the best Internet privacy software available in the world today. Using their own, unique, file-shredding process, HistoryKill® is the only privacy software that encrypts and overwrites your Internet tracks before finally deleting your sensitive data.

With IM Panic you can hide all your Instant Messaging (IM) windows instantly with the press of a single "Hot-Key." When you want to bring your IM windows back on the screen, you simply press the "Hot-Key" again and all your IM windows are instantly back!

My Hidden Folders is an essential privacy tool that lets you hide any file or folder in Windows® system. You don't need to dive into hazy world of low-level file access functions. Once files or folders are hidden they cannot be accessed, searched for, viewed or deleted.

HistoryAudit instantly displays all the secrets YOUR PC is storing away ABOUT YOU! You might think you're secure, safe in the knowledge your surfing habits can easily be removed by clearing your temporary Internet files, History and other cache files. Nothing could be further from the truth!

With BestPopupKiller™ you can rest easier knowing your machine is best protected from virtually all popups, including "unfathered" popups. Our state-of-the-art technology will provide you with unprecedented protection

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